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Many of the organisations are leveraging their business using PHP as their leading service for development. As PHP is the fastest and most widely used server-side scripting language, companies are using it to deploy many advanced websites, SaaS platforms, Blog websites, and many more. The PHP development company uses the programming language PHP, including detailed documentation, numerous ready-to-use scripts, a vast community, and well-supported frameworks. To make PHP work more accessible, many big names developed tools to increase programming efficiency. These tools are responsible for upbringing the perfect IDE environment, where developers can develop feature-rich projects.

Today, we will discuss the top 10 tools to make your project deploy faster with increased accuracy.

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10 Tools for PHP Development Company



It is the first choice for many developers around the world. This PHP IDE works best when integrated with PHP frameworks. The frameworks such as Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii, Laravel, and CakePHP and popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Magento, and WordPress create a perfect environment for developers to code precisely. Not only this, many PHP development companies use the IDE because it supports live editing for frontend technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, in addition to code refactoring, unit testing, and debugging. This IDE’s features are Code completion, Code rearranges, Zero Configuration Debugging, Native ZenCoding Support, and Supports Extensions with plenty of Plugins.


Zend Studio

Many developers choose this IDE because of its speed, as writing and debugging code does not demand extra time and effort. In addition, it supports PHP7 and debugs PHP script after integrating X-ray, Xdebug, and Zend Debugger. The features of Zend Studio have been Indexing and Searching PHP Codes, Faster Performance, Zend Framework, Zend Tool Integration, Docker Support, and Support for Eclipse plugins.


NuSphere PHPED

PHP is a proprietary that integrates PHP development tools. This IDE comes with an advanced PHP editor, Profiler, PHP debugger, database client, and code insight. This tool is specially designed for only PHP development companies, as its tools and tweaks make the development process less stressful. In addition, it uses a commercial PHP accelerator, PhpExpress, PhpEd speeds to speed up the development process. The features PHPED has are Support Composite File Extention, Parallel Debugging, Full Integration of PHP Unit, and Refactoring of PHP codes.



Net is widely used among PHP development companies. This tool comes with rich features that support multiple languages. In the beginning, developers used this tool for Java development, but it now has PHP development services with the latest advancement in the device. It also has an extension to support other programming languages such as C, C++, and HTML5. It is an open-source PHP development tool. It works with all kinds of frameworks, including Zend, Symfony 2, CakePHP, FuelPHP, Smarty, and WordPress. NetBeans’ features are Code Formating and Folding, Smart Code Completion, Getter Setter Generation, Try/Catch Code Completion, and Syntax Highlighter.


Cloud 9

It is an open-source cloud IDE that provides a development environment for many programming languages, such as PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Python, and others. Due to its feature-rich presence, developers can start to code immediately with pre-configured environments with browser compatibility testing and live preview features. In addition, Cloud 9 has other features: real-time language analysis, Tabbed file management, Integrated Debugger, Built-in Image Editor, and Code reformatting.


Aptana Studio

It is an open-source PHP development tool used for integrating various server-side and client-side web technologies. The technologies you can integrate are PHP, Python, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and HTML5. As a feature, it supports debuggers and command-line interface to make PHP app development much more manageable. In addition, Aptana Studio has features such as Set breakpoints, control execution, inspect variables, HTML5 specification, Collaboration with Peers through the merge, pull, push actions, IDE customization, Git Integration, and Built-in terminal.



PHP development companies are using CodeLobster as one of their favorite IDE platforms. The only reason that companies are advising to use this IDE because it supports most frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal. Now there is no stress remembering the names of arguments, functions, attributes, and tags, as it has all been implemented with autocompleted features for programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS. In addition, CodeLobster has features such as Syntax highlighting, SQL manager, Code validator, and Function parameter display.


Sublime Text`

If you are looking for the leading text editor for PHP development, then Sublime Text is one of the best options. However, this tool is not precisely the IDE, but with the installation of specific plugins and packages, you can make it the best PHP editor ever. Most modern PHP development companies choose Sublime text because it provides a cross-platform source code editor that supports several programming and markup languages, is highly customizable, and has its custom UI toolkit. Sublime’s features are Split editing, Instant project switch, Improved command palette, Distraction-free mode, Plugin APIs.


PHP Debugbar

It is a PHP debugger that runs with any project and displays data from various web apps. This IDE tool has two prominent parts – the Main DebugBar object and data collectors and the render. The primary Debugbar has a pre-configured built-in set of collectors. Its features are Monitor network traffic, Handle AJAX requests and Log and Debug to Debugbar.



Eclipse is the IDE tool where everyone search ends. It is a complete development tool with the liberty to select from a broad range of plugins. The best part that Eclipse behold is that it is customizable and extends the IDE to meet the project’s needs. Its features are Syntax highlighting, Content assist, Code templates, Formatting of code, and Code navigation.

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