Are Professional Product Photography Services Better Than DIY Photography?



Showcasing a product in the best possible light is one of the most important aspects of running a business. If you can’t impress prospective customers, you won’t make the sale. A few decades ago, showcasing a product meant putting it on display and making sure it was always presentable. Today, it means taking the best photographs of the product and uploading it to a website. There are two ways to go about this; you can take pictures with the help of your phone or point-to-shoot camera or you can hire professional product photography services. Professional services can be a little expensive, which makes business owners hesitate. While DIY photography is convenient, it does have some big drawbacks.

Are Professional Photography Services Better Than DIY?

 DIY photography has some advantages over professional services. You can save a lot of money, get as many pictures as you like, and retain full ownership of the images. While these advantages do make the options more desirable, you miss out on the several distinct benefits offered by professional product photography services. Here’s a look at some reasons why hiring an expert is the better option:

  1. High-Quality Photography

 Professional photographers have the training and skill to create truly stunning images. They know how to compose an image, set the background, and ensure the product is always the focus of the frame. Unlike amateur photographers, professionals also know how to highlight the most desirable parts of the item. For example, they will zoom in or focus on the most interesting characteristics to awaken a prospect’s curiosity and increase the chances of a purchase.

Professional product photography services produce more polished and refined images. These pictures are more likely to stand apart from the competition. They are more likely to establish a unique brand presence as well.

  1. Professional-Grade Photography and Lighting Equipment

 Professionals use sophisticated equipment to take the best pictures. Most studio photographers have a high-end camera with a wide range of lenses. That allows them to capture sharp, clear, and readable images. They use good lighting equipment to ensure the background is well-lit as well. Lighting plays an important role in the quality of images and ensures the product is visible. It can also help set the mood of the image, giving it a specific vibe and aura.

While modern mobile phone and point-to-shoot cameras are reliable, they don’t produce the same quality of images. Professionals have different lenses to take different kinds of photographs. They can take macro shots, wide-angle pictures, and focus on specific details if needed. That’s what makes professional product photography services a worthwhile investment.

 3.Different Kinds of Product Images

 There are three styles of product photography and they are product on white, creative in-studio, and lifestyle. All three options offer distinct advantages. Experts recommend incorporating all three styles into your product page. Product on white photography is a simple image of the product against a white or plain background. That ensures there are no distractions and customers can focus on all aspects of the product.

The creative in-studio style involves interesting background elements that are relevant to the product. The resultant image is more dynamic, interesting, and descriptive. Lifestyle photography helps showcase the product in real-life conditions. It often involves models and outdoor shoot locations, which means the shoot needs to be planned. While it is easy to do product on white photography at home, the other two styles aren’t as simple. You need to have the right equipment to get the best results.

 4.Meaningful and Purposeful Photographs

 Product photographs are more than just the image of an item. They tell a story, showcase the brand, and convey a specific image. For example, Apple product photographs portray an image of sophistication, premium technology, and cutting-edge innovation. The photographers convey this specific message through factors like lighting, background, focus, and editing.

DIY photographers usually don’t have the experience and knowledge needed to create such purposeful images. If you want to stand out in a competitive market, uploading pretty images isn’t enough. You need to make sure they are meaningful and have a strong brand presence. That’s one of the reasons why businesses invest in professional product photography services.

 5.Familiarity with Different Platforms

 Experienced photographers are familiar with different platforms. They have created images for social media networks, business websites, eCommerce platforms, and more. They stay up-to-date with the guidelines and make sure their images live up to the platform’s standards. For example, Amazon has several specific guidelines on the size, pixel density, image composition, and other such factors.

DIY photographers often don’t consult composition and upload guidelines before taking images. That can lead to rejection or lower visibility and it can also be a waste of time. Hiring professional product photography services is beneficial because you don’t need to worry rejections. These images are ready for upload on all popular platforms.

 6.Marketing Experience

 Most professional product photographers are familiar with marketing concepts. They carry out comprehensive research before planning their composition. An experienced marketer will consider your branding, research your target audience, look at your competitors, and then develop a composition idea.

This marketing experience comes in handy because experts know what kind of images appeal to the customers. They will look at the target profile and research their preferences before planning a shoot.

 7.Expert Photo Editing Skills

 Professional product photography services don’t end with the shoot. Experts invest a lot of time and effort into refining and retouching the photograph. They use sophisticated software programs to correct flaws, adjust white balance, boost colors and contrast, etc. Professional editing skills help ensure the images look polished and complete. They look great on all kinds of displays, including small mobile phone screens.

As you can see, professional product photography services are the best choice if you want to showcase your product in a positive light. You can find affordable and reliable studios with a little bit of research into the industry.


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