Chandigarh to Delhi weekend getaway


Chandigarh to Delhi

If you are in Chandigarh and if you are looking for a short weekend getaway destination then Delhi might be the perfect weekend destination for you and for your loved ones.

In this article we are going to discuss how to reach Delhi from Chandigarh, the different types of transport you can avail to reach Delhi from Chandigarh. Next, there will be discussed about hotels in Delhi where you can stay and how much it will cost to stay in Delhi. And there will also few places of interest that you need to visit if you are in Delhi. Although if you are going to Delhi from Chandigarh for your business or Job purposes then you can also read this article. As this article covers your journey modes and staying part so this guide will definitely come in handy to you.

How to reach Chandigarh to Delhi :

Chandigarh to Delhi by train :

There are many trains available for your Chandigarh to Delhi train journey. There are almost 25 trains available and the ticket price would cost you around Rs 100 for second sitting, Sleeper class would cost you around Rs 150. And AC tier would cost you around @600. Through train from Chandigarh to Delhi it would roughly take around 3 hours to 4 hours to reach.

Before availing of the train journey you need to book train tickets to avoid any last minutes hassles. You can visit the local platform for booking your tickets offline or can avail through online from websites like IRCTC or MakeMyTrip. And make sure you have booked your ticket before the journey to avoid any last minute hassles.

Chandigarh to Delhi by Bus :

For you Chandigarh to Delhi Journey there are multiple buses available. The bus journey would take around 5 hours to reach Delhi from Chandigarh. There are many buses available for this route. And it would cost you around Rs 500. You can visit bus booking websites like RedBus, MakeMyTrip, etc for booking hassle free online tickets or you can book bus tickets from local agents or local bus stations. It would be best to book bus tickets online as this would cost you a little less.

Chandigarh to Delhi by Car :

The amazing road trip in North India is said to be the road trip From Chandigarh to Delhi and vice versa. Chandigarh to Delhi is almost @245 Kms in distance via road and a car would take around 4 hours to reach Delhi from Chandigarh. You can get many taxis and cabs but you need to book an affordable and reliable online Chandigarh to Delhi cab service in India so that you can just get the most affordable pricing for the route. You can book Chandigarh to Delhi cab with Gozocabs for your reliable and affordable options. Gozocabs offers Chandigarh to Delhi cabs starting price @1700 INR. You can visit the website or download mobile apps or call to book your preferred ride.

Now coming to the part why car trip is best? because as I told you earlier the road trip from Chandigarh to Delhi is just an awesome road trip you can experience. And also, Chandigarh to Delhi road trip is considered an amazing road trip in Northern India. And, also you can enjoy the amazing road trip with your friends, family and loved ones by taking as many breaks as you wish. Thus, making the journey wonderful.

Staying in Delhi :

Now, after reaching in Delhi you need some place to stay. So you need to find a hotel. Its better not try to find any hotels on the spot as you may can give much more price for the same hotel while bookng earlier or in advance can offer. In Delhi you can find hotels starting from @1000 INR and you can choose much upper price segment hotels according to your price and choice. You can visit any oonline hotel booking websites like OyoRooms, MakeMytrip, fabhotels etc for booking your preferred star rating hotels at affordable pricing options.

Visiting Places in Delhi :

If you are even in a business or job purposes there are few things that you need to visit for sure. And if you are in Delhi for weekend getaway or in any trip then you must need to visit these places. Here in this article we are gong to discuss about 3 amazing places in Delhi that you must need to visit once you are in Delhi. You can book Gozocabs for your local sightseeing and for any occasion cab rental requirements.

Akshardham Temple :

This place, the temple exhibits the ancient culture of India and dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

Red Fort :

built in the year 1639 by Mughals. The 254 acres widespread, octagonal shaped fort is worth to visit.

 India Gate :

India Gate symbolize the Indian warrior of World War I who lost there lives.  it features the undying Amar Jawan Jyoti or the Flame of the Immortal Soldier. And this place worth the visit especially in the evening.




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