Food For Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair


Glowing Skin

Skin and hair are made of similar cells, which are proteins known as keratin, collagen, and elastin. So, both skin and hair require the same nutrients to grow healthily. Foods rich in healthy fats, iron, antioxidants, zinc, and vitamins are essential for glowing, well-hydrated skin as well as for strong and healthy-looking hair. Once it is understood why these nutrients help, it will make it easier to ensure that we eat a healthy diet, including foods rich in these nutrients every day. The level of efficiency these foods offer for good health and fitness is the reason why they are also able to reflect it in our skin and hair. For instance, flaxseeds benefits for skin and hair is one fine example of superfoods complementing skin and hair needs.

Even research now shows that it is possible to improve looks and appearance simply by choosing specific types of foods. Hair growth, skin collagen production, hormone balance, and more are all tied together in deciding what to eat and what to avoid. Eating a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fresh food and less processed food is the way to go for glowing skin and healthy hair— and of course, overall health. The following foods are terrific sources of the essential nutrients for glowing skin and strong hair, but double as they help improve general health; hence, it is a win-win situation!


  • Broccoli

Broccoli is packed with essential vitamins and minerals important for skin and hair health, including zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. The green vegetable also contains lutein, which is a carotenoid that works like beta carotene. This component, Lutein, also helps protect the skin from oxidative damage, which can cause the skin to become dry and wrinkled. It can also make the hair brittle. However, broccoli florets also contain a special compound called sulforaphane, which claims some impressive potential skin and hair benefits. Some researches show that broccoli may have anti-cancer effects, including on a few types of skin cancers. The compound sulforaphane can efficiently protect against harmful UV radiation. Not only this, but it can also maintain the collagen level, making hair strong and leaving you with radiant skin.


  • Avocados

Avocados are rich in healthy fats. These healthy fats benefit many bodily functions, including skin and hair health. Getting enough of these fats is essential to ensure skin flexibility and moisture. Studies now also associate avocado with supple and springy skin. Some evidence also shows that avocados contain compounds that help protect the skin from sun damage. The UV damage on the skin can cause wrinkles and give rise to signs of aging. As a rich source of vitamin E, avocados provide essential antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative damage.


Interestingly, a combination of vitamin E and vitamin C seems to be more effective for both skin and hair. Vitamin C is also essential for glowing skin and healthy hair. Skin and hair are required to create collagen, which is the main structural protein that keeps the skin and hair strong and healthy. Vitamin C deficiency is rare these days because of ample substitutes of food containing vitamin C. But common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include dry, scaly, and rough skin that tends to bruise easily. Therefore, vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by the sun and free radicals in the environment, protecting the skin from aging and other skin concerns.


  • Flaxseeds-

Packed with nutrients, flaxseeds contain plenty of vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats, and energy. Additionally, flaxseeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties making flax seeds an acne deterrent and sebum production controller. This property of flaxseeds prevents acne and breakouts on oily skin. As a matter of fact, the presence of omega 3 fatty acids control the dryness of the skin, leaving it glowing and radiant. Therefore flax seeds strike a perfect balance in calming oily skin without leaving it too dry. It does not stop here; flaxseeds also prevent early signs of aging, keeping skin moisturized, it prevents the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.


Flaxseed also works as an allergy protectant both for skin and hair scalp. This is how it works wonderfully to control dandruff which is a major cause of hair fall. Abundant in vitamin E, flaxseeds, whether consumed or applied topically, nourish the hair and prevent hair brittleness. It strengthens hair strands and repairs the damage in the hair.


  • Almonds-

Despite the common belief, Almonds are not a solid part of the nut family. They are, in fact, drupes which are a type of fruit. The very specialty of almonds is the nourishment it provides. Almonds are rich in magnesium, proteins, fiber, omega-3, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, calcium, etc. They support the production of new cells and antibodies, which help fight against skin and hair concerns. The plenty of vitamin E present in almonds nourishes the scalp and skin. It makes the skin supple and reverses the aging process.


  • Dry apricot

While being underrated for their nourishing properties, dry apricots have a lot to offer for skin and hair. Apricot oil contains a lot of vitamins A and E, which support skin health and damage repair. Thus, it is a great home remedy for problems such as dry scalp, dandruff, and eczema. This oil also restores moisture to dry, or flaky scalp works on breakage and split ends, ultimately leaving hair strong and smooth.


  • Fruits-

It is a well-known fact that eating fruits is a must for maintaining glowing skin and healthy hair. Fruits have always been regarded as a rich source of fiber and vitamins. In fact, high-end beauty salons use fruit packs to make skin look radiant. Fruits rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, and minerals can contribute to make the skin glow and hair strong beyond our imaginations. Papaya, orange, berries, watermelon, and more work wonders in providing essential nutrients to the body so that it can repair skin and hair damage. The topical application of some fruits such as papaya can also show some instant results.


No one food is sufficient to keep skin glowing and hair strong. Hence it is vital to eat a balanced diet and incorporate all the essential nutrients into the routine. While it is fun to keep trying new things for good skin and hair health, make sure to consult a professional before adding anything new to the diet or applying new ingredients topically. Regular exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, and focusing on self-care all play a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin and hair.



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