How to Get a Flat Tummy Easily With Yoga?


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Due to coronavirus, we all stay in our house most of the time, doing work from home and due to this our movement has become very limited. It is becoming very difficult to find time for yourself in the midst of all the household chores, which is increasing weight and fat. Not only this, a wide variety of things like samosa, momos, chaat, pizza, etc. are also being made in the house, which is directly affecting our weight. If increasing weight and fat is also bothering you, then our easy yoga guide can help you to lose weight effectively. If you follow this guide, you will get a lot of help in doing weight loss and you will also be able to see changes in your body.


1- Garudasana

It makes the muscles of the feet strong and tones and maintains the balance of the body. Apart from this, this asana not only heals the nerves but also opens the tight joints of the body. Along with removing the stiffness of the shoulders, it also makes the brain stable and removes tension. Apart from this, it also reduces the fat of the thighs.

Steps of doing Garudasna

  • To do this, first, you have to stand upright.
  • Then move the right foot from the top of the left foot to the other side.
  • Tangle the arms into each other like a rope.
  • Keep your hands entwined in front of the chest like a thong.
  • Balance by bending the knee.
  • Now move in a way that your left foot cross over the top of the right foot. Looks like a half cycle.
  • Then do it from the other side. Now a cycle happened.
  • Following the same pattern, you can make3-5 cycles.


2- Ardhamatsyandrasana


For the second asana, you have to do Ardhamatsyandrasana. It tones your core muscles and reduces abdominal fat. Apart from this, by doing this Yogasan daily, the flexibility in your body also increases. It controls diabetes and makes it strong due to stretches in the shoulders and neck. By doing this daily, your digestive system is also fine, which does not cause constipation and reduces weight.


Steps of doing Ardhamatsyandrasana


  • To do this yoga asana, sit with your legs spread out in front.
  • Then bend the left leg and keep the left foot in front of the right knee.
  • Slowly bend your torso to the left.
  • Then place the right hand on the left knee and the left hand behind.
  • Stay in this position for about 20 to 40 seconds.
  • While exhaling set free, first your right hand, waist, chest, and neck at last.
  • Now sit up straight.
  • Repeat this process from the other side.


3- Dhanurasan

This asana puts a lot of pressure on the part of your stomach because the balance of your entire body is from the area around the navel. Dhanurasana is also considered power yoga. By doing this, the body detoxes well, which reduces pimples and gives a wonderful glow to the skin. That is, by doing this Yogasana, along with weight loss, there is also a glow on the face.


Methods of doing Dhanurasan


  • To do this yoga, first of all, lie on your stomach.
  • Then bend your knees with both legs together.
  • Now move both hands back and hold both feet with the ankles and while exhaling, pull the legs out.
  • Simultaneously try to move the head backward.
  • All the bodyweight should be on your navel. Loosen the grip while breathing.
  • Do this action many times.

4- Parvatasana 


You can start with all the exercises of the mountain as they open your body and prepare you for yoga. Include all exercises such as upward and posterior stretch and rotation exercises. Women of 40 years of age should posture this asana. In this posture, by raising the hands, there is a stretch in the armpits, due to which lightness and comfort are felt in the body. Apart from this, it reduces weight, reduces belly fat, strengthens the spine and hands and fingers, and cures back and shoulder pain.

Steps of doing of Parvatasana


  • To do this, first sit in the posture of Padmasana.
  • Then add both hands in a salutary pose and take them above the head while breathing.
  • Pull the body upwards. Lungs are spread on doing this asana.Take 4-5 deep breaths while changing your posture.


5- Bhujangasan


Bhujang is called Cobra in English and since it is a snake-shaped posture with a funky appearance, the posture is named Bhujangasana. Along with losing weight by doing Bhujangasana, abdominal fat also decreases rapidly. It not only tones the abdominal muscles but also boosts confidence. Apart from this, it makes your body flexible. Apart from this, the blood circulation in the face is done properly, which makes the skin tight. By doing this Yogasan, there are many types of stretches in the facial veins, which reduces facial wrinkles. If you want to reduce weight and also remove facial wrinkles, then do this yoga.

Steps of doing Bhujangasan


  • First, Lay down on your stomach.
  • Place your palm towards the shoulder.
  • Reduce the distance between the two legs and straighten and stretch the legs.
  • Following the breathing pattern, raise the upward side of your body to the navel.
  • Be careful not to over-stretch the waist.
  • Stable for a while in the same position.
  • Then, while exhaling deep, come to the normal position.
  • Initially do this 3 to 4 times.


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