Top 5 Logo Printing Types in a Product Packaging



Whenever you see an Apple in white color and a clean byte on the right side, you definitely know that it’s an Apple corporation brand logo. However, when you see a wide M with I am lovin, it is written below you understand it is Mc-Donalds. This is all about brands get recognized by their logo and specific color on them. If you are running a business with no logo, you might miss the most important sector of branding and recognition. The logo gives an identity to your brand, and companies invest a considerable amount in designing a meaningful logo that expresses their business and thinking. The logo has its market share and value that also increase its worth to the company.

If your logo is perfectly designed, then the next important part is printing perfectly; this article will share some printing techniques for logo designing and developing recommendations. Selection of colors and size is really very important to get your brand logo prominent among other brands. To make your product look best among all other products, you should better select custom boxes with logo on them.

Know About File Types In Logo Designing

There are different file types that are serving different flexibilities in logo designing. However, there are four most common and important file types for logo designing; this varies from business to business.

  • PNG

These file types are versatile and can be used for any print media. However, primarily PNG formate is used for transparency, that is if someone needs to print their logo on any other color or different background. But this file type is not very much good for printing purposes.

  • SVG

The SVG file format is one of the best for the web development because instead of using color pixels, this format uses mathematical formulation. In addition, SVG is a lightweight file format, and its vector files perfectly maintain their quality. To use this format, consider if the printer supports it or not before sending it for printing.

  • EPS

These types of files are graphically formatting specifically used for vector-based image styles in Adobe Illustrator. These are master files used for printing and editing the files. Perfect for designing a logo, but you cannot see without a proper tool.

  • PDF

These are pretty old but gold file formats developed by Adobe. Most used format for documentation purposes and can be opened by almost any browser or PDF viewer. This file format is also feasible for delivering a logo, and the best thing about PDF is that these files don’t change their shape or colors in any aspect.

Four Printing Color Types of Logo Design

There are four primary colors representation systems available.

Two are for digital media, and the other two are for printing on paper or cardboard.

  • RGB

Digital screens and LED’s can show a color RGB format. Any picture that is taken by a digital camera is opened in a most famous RGB file format. Electronics components can display an image by mixing red, green, blue colors. This coloring pattern is precisely the opposite of the CMYK color mixing method for printing.

  • HEX

It is a combination of six digits and letters and is used by the developers. You will see a hexadecimal coloring system all around the websites. Hex is lightweight for programming and an exact coloring system.

  • CMYK

CMYK is used for high-quality full-size brochure posters and postcards printing. This color mixing system consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. Mainly printers print very tiny-sized color dots selecting from all these four colors to make a bigger image. Overlapping is the primary method of generating a specific color and picture.

  • PMS

The phantom coloring technique results in an immaculate printing system primarily used in stationary prints. However, it’s almost 50 years old and a pretty mature color mixing system for printing.

5 Finishing Style for Custom Design Logo

After the improvement in printing technology, there are many styles available to make your logo prominent and good-looking. Premium looking logo attracts eyes more than anything else on a custom box.

There are few techniques mentioned here to make your logo unique and refined look.

  • UV Coatings

UV coating is very famous these days due to its beautiful and color-changing looks. You can select this coating for your custom box and inbuilt logo behind UV coating. Logo printed in UV coated box looks very premium and refined for a brand. Cleaner looks are most liked in printing techniques.

  • UV Spot Print

UV spot usually used on a matt finished box. Spot UV acts only in the area that is specified. For example, if you print all your package in matt finishing and use spot UV only for your logo, it will look more excellent and different.

  • Raised Print

Raised printing gives a marvelous look and feels to a logo. While touching a logo that is raised a little above its base will make a difference. Raised printing is a spot UV technique used with some chemicals to print logo or writing, and after reaction those writings are raised to give it a great look.

  • Embossed Style

Embossing is a different style of printing a logo than raised spot UV in which the packaging material is raised a little above its ground. Instead, embossing is a pressurized compress applied to the package to make it different. Embossing your logo on the box gives an antique and beautiful look.

  • Debossing

Debossing is the opposite of embossing mentioned earlier. It is a pressurized push to give your logo design or writing a deep feel than an embossed bumpy look. It is pretty different from the traditional flat printing technique and is mostly liked for printing on premium bottles packaging.



To print a logo on your expensive product, you need to select it carefully regarding the reputation style and colors. Then, you can use any printing method on a customized packaging box to give your brand a superior look. There are more techniques of logo printing on a custom box that can be seen on Impression Ville; you can visit their website for more exciting designs of boxes and print techniques with logos. They provide much more superior quality than all other custom logo printing facilities. So, to make your brand popular, select a custom box, style of printing, and wait for the miracle to happen.

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