Best Places to Travel in Dubai



The land of manmade marvels and mesmerizing natural assets -Dubai has a plethora of wonders. Whether you want to explore the city for errands, adventures, sightseeing, or cultural perspectives. You’ll find it brimming with limitless opportunities to spend the most exotic vacations ever.

From being choosy in the luxurious malls to seek thrill in the furious SUVs of desert safari Dubai, the city keeps amenities for all kinds of travelers.


If you are about to visit the city of gold, have a check on your Dubai bucket list. And how would you do that? By giving a read to this quick guide on which places are worth visiting when you are on holiday in Dubai.

Top 7 Must-Visit Places in Dubai

1.   Desert Safari -An All-round Tour in Dubai

If you want to witness the unseen beauty of a quintessential landscape, visit Dubai’s majestic desert. The conservation reserve lies in the southern region of the city. It’s a place to get the surreal vibe of Arabia in one shot. Reach the dunes by picking up a suitable itinerary. Usually, there are morning, evening, and overnight tours that take place in which exciting deals and packages are offered.


You can take part in dune bashing, quad, biking, and sandboarding as enthralling desert activities. Discover the desert arena like Bedouins by riding on the camel’s hump. There are alluring campsites where you can rest in your Bedouin-style camp. Soak up in the morning delight or stillness of the dusk in the desert arena. Because the sun show is the epic scenery to be seen in this ecstatic wilderness.

2.   See the Skyline Atop Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest tower -Burj Khalifa is the iconic landmark of the whole UAE. Whenever a traveler plans of visiting Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the first thing that hits his mind. Get the mesmerizing city sight from the “at the top” observation deck of Burj Khalifa. It’s the 124th deck where the tourists reach to have the breathtaking skyline of the city.


Burj Khalifa keeps in its cradle, the famous dancing fountain. Whoever comes in the vicinity of this record-holding skyrocket, can’t take his eyes off of this majestic fountain. The dancing fountain is situated in the Khalifa lake and dances on several Arabian beats. The insane dance of the Dubai fountain is the center of attraction for everyone who passes by. It splashes water above incredibly high feet which are super radiant and pleasantly colorful!

3.   Explore the Old Dubai

Khor Dubai or Creek is 14 kilometers long creek. If you want to visit or shop in the Emirates keeping a traditional perspective, it’s a must-visit place for you. The local souk markets of perfumery, gold, and spices are the attractions for shopaholics.


The foodies also love visiting the creek as there are many restaurants and cafes situated here. Try out mouth-watering local cuisines from the Creekside dine inns. You can take the Abra (water taxi ride) in just 1 dirham to roam between Deira and Bur Dubai.


Make a day out for ventures into the heritage part of the city. Because there is a plethora to explore. Including Al-Fahidi fort, Al-Seef, and the local souk markets. You may also get good bargaining at the shops.

4.   Burj Al Arab -The Sail Shaped Paragon

Burj Al Arab is also an iconic and record-holding landmark of the UAE as Burj Khalifa. The sail-shaped hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the world. The best part of its marvelous architecture is that it can be seen from the gulf side. Behold the awe-inspiring beauty of this luxurious hotel from the bank of Jumeirah.


Get the best shots using this gigantic structure as a prop in your photos. You must have seen this manmade wonder standing still in the middle of the manmade island. Now is the time to get its magnified view live!

5.   Wander in the World’s Most Luxurious Mall

The world’s most luxurious mall also lies in the proximities of the UAE. The great Dubai mall is the center of tourists’ attraction due to the installation of quite creative ideas in it. It has a colorful aquarium and an underwater zoo. A selfie with rays is a must for every tourist who visits this luxurious mall. There are around 140 different aquatic species residing in the underwater zoo of this luxurious Mall.


This shopping arcade has around 1300 outlets of world-famous brands. Get inspired by the wondrous infrastructure of the mall in which there is the men sculpted waterfall is a highlight. Moreover, there are plenty of coffee shops and food stopovers where international cuisines also attract tourists.

6.   World’s First Skiing Resort


The Emirates mall has the world’s first indoor skiing resort in its vicinity. Now you can experience skiing in snow in this extremely hot region. It’s the longest ski which is 1300 feet long. Here, you can play in the snow, toboggan run, take a ride in a chairlift, and experience snowboarding. The skiing resort is home to the colonizing penguins. With them, you can take selfies, and cuddle in the snow.


It’s a great place for kids’ amusement especially in relevance to their love for animals. They would love greeting with these species of the snow habitat. The temperature in Ski Dubai is maintained between -6 to -2 and the ensembles to survive here are also provided.

7.   The Miraculous Miracle Garden


The manmade paradise -Miracle garden of Dubai is home to around 100 million flowers. These botanical generations are marvelously decorated to catch the attention of ramblers.

There are floral buildings, windmill cottages, houses, vehicles, even little versions of Burj Khalifa & Burj Al Arab. These floral marvels attract not only travel enthusiasts but also Instagrammers and bloggers. This Guinness record-holding place is opened seasonally so if you want to visit, keep an eye on the spring season!




Your holidays in Dubai are going to be precisely exotic if you cover the mentioned attractions of the city. So put these destinations right away on your Dubai bucket list to collect everlasting memories.





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