Overnight Desert Safari – Spend a Magical Night in Dubai


Desert Safari

UAE’s wondrous landscape –Dubai is not only famous for its skyrocket empires, but also for its natural heritage. Along with the modern age adaptations, the city has beautifully preserved the Bedouin legacy.

The inspiring tradition of Arabia can be best seen in the conservation reserve of Dubai.  Overnight desert safari Dubai is the most exciting activity one can get into among all. The barren of Dubai contains a plethora of adventures, heritage insights, and entertainment at a hype. If you love to get into offbeat experiences, then visiting the Dubai desert at night is something outlandish you’d do here.

Falling asleep under the sky full of stars and waking up to a delightful breakfast. Sounds tempting right? It’s only a glimpse of an overnight desert safari. Read the following to get to know more about the perks of opting for an overnight tour to this bewitching place in Dubai.

Overnight Desert Safari and Its Blissful Happenings

1.       Pickup in an Off-road Vehicle

An overnight desert safari Dubai begins with a pickup in a 4×4 off-road vehicle. The driver from team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC arrived to pick us up right at the sunset. Watching the whole city drowned in orange hues of sundown was an epic moment while making our way to the desert. An overnight tour to the dunes is of nine hours which is of the longest duration among all desert tours.

2.       Dune Bashing in fast SUVs

Dune bashing is a gripping desert activity that pulls the thrill-seekers to the desert vicinity. In these, a group of people (maximum five) are taken across the high dunes in the 4 wheeler vehicles. There are hummers, land cruisers, rovers, wrangler jeeps, and dune buggies as furious terrain vehicles used in dune bashing.

We had a memorable dune bashing ride in the twilight, seating belted in a Nissan Patrol. The tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC was along with us throughout the topsy-turvy dune bashing ride. A standard dune bashing ride is of 15 minutes and can be extended to 30 minutes, depending on your budget.

3.       Quad Biking

Quad biking is also an amusing dune activity. In this, the quad bikers drift in the 4 wheeler vehicles across the reddening sand. It’s a popular sand sport you must have watched in movies. If you admire this kind of gripping sport and love to meet the thrill, quad biking is the best activity you can grab in the dune arena. This session is also for 10 to 15 minutes like dune bashing.


Moreover, the quad bikes are equipped with safety kits and roll cages. And these 4×4 maneuvers take place under the sharp observation of expert professionals.

4.       Sandboarding

Sandboarding is a pretty entertaining activity you can opt for in the dune arena. It’s a balancing skill that you can practice by fixing your feet on a sandboard. In the first few attempts, you’ll be cuddling in the golden sand at desert safari in Dubai. But practice allows you to experience the delight of gliding on a grainy surface down the high sand heaps. Where adults enjoy dune bashing & quad biking, kids find this desert activity super exciting to experience on the terrain.

5. Camel Safari

A desert safari cannot be considered accomplished if you haven’t tried camel riding at this nomadic place. It’s the iconic ride for those who want to explore the majestic baren to its diversity. Our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC guided us to follow the lead of the Bedouin in the camel caravan. In the caravan, we had a memorable and peaceful journey on a camel’s hump. Plus the glory of twilight and chilling breezes were enough to lighten our moods as well.

6.      BBQ Dinner

The dinner delight at the dune arena is pretty admirable. The luscious bites of BBQ, veg dishes, and overall Arabian and international cuisines are divine to engulf. Not only that, but our tour operators from Happy Adventures Tourism also offered us Arabian coffee with dates. We had free and plenty of availability of soft drinks, tea, snacks, and mineral water. The buffet station in a desert safari is no less than having a feast at the city side cafe.

7.       Live Entertainment

Live entertainment festivity gives exposure to the visitors to the colorful Arabian heritage. There are super fascinating dance performances portrayed in front of the guests. These include the famous Tanoura dance of the mystics. They cast a captivating spell with their spinning moves. The Arabian belly dancers are also there to entertain people with their stunning belly moves. The striking fire show, stick dance, and sword trickery are some famous highlights of this stunning live show.

8.       Camping Under the Galaxies

The ultimate perk of opting for an overnight desert safari is the magical night they get to spend under the sky full of stars. We, the earnest campers, dropped staying in the Bedouin camps and grabbed the camping essentials from team Happy Adventures Tourism. After getting done with pitching our little camps, we were ready to spend the night under the galaxies.


Stargazing amidst the glory of the night at the Arabian terrain is an ethereal mystic experience. It gives you a perfect vibe of being adventurous. An overnight expedition to the Arabian terrain is the door to experience serenity to the core.


Our venture ended with a drop off which the driver of team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provided us. The whole journey back to the hotel was filled with chitters of who liked what. The timeless journey to the golden dunes of Dubai is worth sharing. For which I had already captured a bulk of images & it was pretty exciting to post them with the defining captions.

If you too are a storyteller and love to capture the wonders of nature, the golden sand sea of Arabia is heaven for you. There are limitless reasons for a travel enthusiast to come to the vicinity of Arabian terrain.






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