Can the wax pens work without nicotine?


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Many people use vaping devices such as wax pens to help them cease smoking. However, vaping is not all about nicotine. There is much more to the usage of wax pens, including the absolute joy of sampling different flavors, creating kits, and blowing out huge/ billowy clouds.

Are wax pens nicotine-free?

Wax pens are made up of three major components: a battery, a heating element, and a mouthpiece. They are primarily used for vaping cannabis wax concentrates, which include wax, crumble, budder, and shatter. These concentrates are loaded onto the wax pen’s heating chamber, which houses the coil/ heating element. Once you activate the wax pen’s battery, the coil heats up and vaporizes the wax concentrates, creating a flavor that you inhale through the mouthpiece.

You can obtain wax concentrates that carry some nicotine. Also, some wax concentrates used in wax pens are nicotine-free (without nicotine). Therefore, you may need to choose between using your wax pen with nicotine or without nicotine.

Usually, using a wax pen without nicotine is ideal for the following sets of people:

1.     Beginners

The law permits the usage of wax pens for people aged over 21 years and above.  If you are just beginning to use your wax pen, nicotine-free wax concentrates could be ideal for you especially if you desire to consume zero nicotine.

2.     People who have quit smoking

A majority of the people who switch from smoking to vaping like to keep their nicotine levels high at the first instances of vaping. For such people, wax pens with nicotine are their perfect choice. Nonetheless, some eventually lower their nicotine levels and do not miss consuming too much nicotine.

Moreover, some people want to completely stop their nicotine addiction. They start with wax concentrates with low nicotine levels and eventually use wax pens without any nicotine.

3.     Vaping enthusiasts/ hobbyists

Some people enjoy using wax pens as a hobby. They may not be former smokers but they love creating huge clouds and experimenting with several setups in their free time. Nicotine may not be an essential ingredient in the wax pens of such people.

Is it safe to use a wax pen without nicotine?

The safety profile of your wax pens depends on the brand you choose. Generally, there are no documented health cases that were directly caused by using a wax pen with or without nicotine. However, you should ensure the wax concentrate that you use is third-party lab tested for safety, purity, consistency, and quality. Furthermore, you should ensure you check out the test results for your particular batch of wax concentrates because it may help you verify the concentrate’s safety degree.

Also, your wax pen should be made of food-grade and medical-grade materials, especially on the vapor path. Materials classified as food-grade and medical-grade do not release harmful toxins when heated.

Generally, it is safe to use wax vaporizers or pens without nicotine. It is unnecessary to introduce nicotine into your system and get addicted to it if you have never smoked before.

How to use a wax pen?

Wax pen coils have a life whose longevity depends on the type of user. Light/ casual users get a longer life from their wax pen’s coils than heavy users. Consequently, you should always determine whether the coil of your wax pen is working before you load any wax onto it. This action will help stop you from wasting any of the wax concentrates.

1.     Packing your wax pen.

Due to their nature, wax concentrates need better precision when loading them onto the wax pen’s heating chamber. If you load less than the required amount, you may be forced to reload right away. On the other hand, if you load too much of the concentrate, it will create a huge mess.

It is recommended that for each session you pack a wax concentrate that is the size of a grain of rice. Always use a dabber/ dab tool when loading a wax pen as it ensures you are safe from the device’s heat.

2.     Vaping wax

Some wax pens do not feature variable voltage batteries so you do not have to choose your ideal dabbing temperature. If you want to customize your heats, you should obtain a wax pen with a variable voltage battery. Each voltage setting creates a unique hit.

Usually, the ideal temperature for vaping wax concentrate lies within the range of 420°F and 550°F. If you choose a setting on the upper spectrum of this range, you will get less tasty but more cloudy and effective hits. Conversely, settings lying within the lower end of the range create more flavorful hits.


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