How to do Yoga Easily at Home?



Yoga is not a religion, it is a science, the science of making good, the science of refreshment, the science of unifying the body, the science of keeping the mind and soul calm. Yoga is not a new thing, it is a good and ancient exercise, which is not only done to shape the body but also helps to keep the whole health of the person fit and healthy.

Yoga is an exercise that helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the human body from outside as well as inside. If a person makes yoga a part of his daily lifestyle then only that person can understand the physical, mental and spiritual differences. Come, know how to do yoga at home?

The changing trend has also made people more alert. Due to fatty waist and growing metabolism, people are giving more importance to health, diet plan and fitness due to diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and other diseases.

1.Choose the best time

You can do yoga at any time, but doing yoga in the morning is considered very good, because at that time our mind remains calm, at that time there is a lot of energy in our body. If you do it before eating in the morning, it is the best. Can also be done in the evening.

2.Choose the best place

You do not need a big place for yoga. Just you have to take care that if you do yoga in a quiet place in the open, then it is very good. Do a quiet place so that there is no external voice in your mind. Do yoga by sitting on the mat.

3.Wearing good clothes

Simple clothes mean that you wear loose and comfortable clothes. So that your body can move. If you have worn ornaments, then you should take off them, then it would be right for practicing yoga. Avoid doing makeup while doing yoga.

4.Do yoga on an empty stomach

If you do yoga on an empty stomach, then it is very beneficial for your body. You can do yoga even after 3 hours of eating food. If you are doing new yoga and forget to do your yoga then no one should do it immediately after having food on that day, do it only on the next day.

 5.Do not be too rash

Many friends ruthlessly carry out new work, it does not benefit you but only causes harm. The softer you keep your body, the better it will be for you. There is no benefit of doing yoga very loudly or doing it in a hurry.

6.Do different yoga poses daily.

Do different yogasanas daily. The best idea for this is that you do 1-2 yoga asana daily and do it all together on a holiday. Pranayama or breathing is very important while doing yoga.


It is not necessary that you have been doing all Yogasanas on the first day. This can cause difficulty to your body. You will be very tired on the first day and will not do your heart from the second day. So it is better if you start with simple yoga.


Some important rules for doing yoga –


  1. Do yoga in a clean, open ventilated place.


  1. Do not consume anything immediately before and after doing yoga.


  1. Start with simple yoga and do yoga slowly according to your body capacity.


  1. Do not do yoga if you are suffering from any disease.


  1. It is very important for pregnant women to get advice from a yoga guru before doing yoga.


  1. Do yoga every day. You can do it with friends, which will keep your heart healthy.


There are also many health benefits of doing yoga asana that you can get by joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.


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