How to make your kitchen look posh without breaking the bank


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Kitchen look

    As it comes to decorating your new kitchen or renovating the existing one, kitchen cabinets play an important role. Cabinets are the key focal point of the kitchen. Unfortunately, they can eat up almost half of your project budget. Well, if you want to design your kitchen luxuriously but within a strict budget, you can do it. All you have to get some professional ideas.

kitchen look

Ideas to make the kitchen look luxurious yet affordable

Well, there is no dearth of effective ideas. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Paint the old cabinets

    – As already mentioned, kitchen cabinets can eat up half of your budget. Why should you spend so much when you can get the wholesale kitchen cabinets with a great look and needed functionalities? If you don’t want to invest in new units, refurbish the existing ones. Considering your cabinets are in good condition, just apply a new coat of stain and add some new hardware. You can use funky hinges and knobs. This will give the existing cabinetry a brand-new look against a minimum investment.

  • Replace existing cabinet doors –

    This is another useful hack. You don’t need to change the old cabinets. Just replace the worn-out doors with new ones. High-gloss or glass doors would be perfect for this purpose. But if your budget doesn’t permit, only sanding and refinishing will give them a sleek and fresh look.

  • Change lighting and fittings

Making your kitchen look luxurious on a budget is not all about changing the cabinets. There are other ways too to serve your purpose. Change the lightings, for example. Right pendants and chandeliers can perfectly brighten up your kitchen. They also boost up the mood of the space. Mix standard lights up to add an unexpected element to the kitchen.


  • Reface the cabinets

    – This is another great yet affordable way of kitchen makeover to give your kitchen a luxurious look. Just reface the cabinet units. Apply a laminate veneer or a thin wood layer over the existing boxes. With refacing you can change the look and feel of the cabinets and thus the kitchen entirely. However, this is possible only if your cabinets are in a good condition. You can also opt for RTA cabinets to save your money while giving the kitchen an appealing look.

  • Use artwork

This is an outstanding way for elevating any room including your kitchen – the most used room of your home. Show some courage. Go big and bold to create an illusion of bigger space. This trick is especially useful for the tenants who don’t have permission to make any modification to the kitchen.


  • Apply light colors

A light color on the kitchen walls and cabinetry promptly brightens up the room. It also creates the illusion of a bigger space. Light colors reflect more light and thus hide the sins including dings, scratches, and dents.

So, it is not impossible to give your kitchen a makeover so it looks posh and expensive without burning a hole in the pocket.



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