Pain from Invisalign – How Uncomfortable Can It Get?


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One important aspect of dental treatment patients consider is the level of discomfort that comes with it. The same goes for Invisalign patients. You would want to know if Invisalign comes with pain or not should you be interested in it. This post has been created to answer questions related to Invisalign pain. Just keep reading to gain insight.

Do I have to worry about Invisalign pain?

You don’t really have to be bothered about the discomfort from Invisalign. Just so you know, one of the reasons people are choosing Invisalign over traditional braces these days is because the former comes with relatively minimal pain.

A good explanation of this is that the clear aligners do not rub against the cheeks and mouth. This is what makes Invisalign a more comfortable treatment than others.

Does this mean no pain is experienced at all? Well, any discomfort Invisalign brings will be temporary and minimal. As a matter of fact, the reason why you’ll even feel pain is that the aligners are moving your teeth. Orthodontists say this is one sign that Invisalign is working! So, anytime your teeth make a small movement, you will feel a little pain. This is usually experienced during the first few days of using aligners for the first time. When you must have gotten used to the aligners inside your mouth, the pain will reduce drastically.

What’s the experience like for Invisalign patients?

A good way to evaluate the level of discomfort associated with Invisalign is to find out how those who have used it in the past had felt. Many patients report tenderness or pressure, or both instead of the real discomfort. From a survey, above 50% of patients have been reported to have zero to mild pain in the course of treatment. Patients who reported that they experienced pain said it disappeared within 2 to 3 days.

Is there anything that can be done to lower the pain caused by Invisalign?

Absolutely! There are several ways we can help you achieve a pain-free or lesser discomfort from Invisalign.

Top on the list is:

  • Do not eat chewy, crispy or crunchy foods when you have sore teeth or gums, as it will reduce discomfort very well
  • When you are not wearing your aligners, suck on ice cubes. It works to lower pain
  • Speak with your dentist. There are remedies and additional treatments that can work to alleviate any discomfort you feel. As professionals, they can recommend the best solution for you.

For further information, where do I go?

Certain comprehensive and great research has been carried out on this orthodontic procedure. Should you be interested, you can have access to them and check out the data obtained from scientific studies on Invisalign treatment and discomfort.

For instance, there is a study done in 2014 under the Fujiyama Orthodontic Clinic. This study gives provides a conclusion that states that patients do feel little pain around 3 days after installing or about 5 weeks in the initial treatment period where the aligners get adjusted. At the end of the day, patients do not feel so much pain following treatment with invisalign.

Last words

Now that you have understood how less of pain patients may experience from Invisalign, it is believed that you should not feel anxious anymore when it comes to Invisalign. Actually, Invisalign will only cause little pain when your teeth are moving. So, if you feel that discomfort, know that your aligners are working really hard. You don’t have anything to worry about.

Should you be satisfied with this knowledge about Invisalign pain and would love to know more about this orthodontic treatment and also If you have already made up your mind on Invisalign but don’t know where to get a provider, you should consult with an orthodontist to get invisalign in London.

At our practice, we provide Invisalign for qualified patients after examining their teeth condition to determine their eligibility for the procedure. Our clinic is manned by well-trained orthodontists and staff to provide the best possible care for all patients with dental issues. We would be happy to help you.


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